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Austin, Texas.

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Global events for conscious leaders.

Our events serve as a container to bring together conscious leaders from different places around the world.

Creating a hub for more growth, collaboration, and project launches for local communities to thrive in.

In time we aim to host large scale events to allow all leaders and community members across the world to unite in.


Is to build a strong online community of people who are ready for a nourishing community. 

To then create an eco-village/ eco beta city of people who are ready to uplevel their community lifestyles worldwide.

To then host global micro-events for people to unite in.  We are planning to travel the US, Mexico, and Europe 2021.

To then open our first Conscious Culture Flagship location to grow our community, neighboring communities, and individuals from around the world.



Location: Los Angeles

Date: Fall / Winter 2020


Location: Austin Texas

Date: Spring 2021



Interested in becoming a visionary leader with Conscious Culture in Austin Texas? 

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what you'll arrive to:

Each month has a new theme to deepen your knowledge of living sustainably during our times and each event is geared to showcase talents and passions to share with our new community. 

Attendees will connect to members in the community that have aligned core values. 

Attendees will have access to community and online spaces that elevate and expand their life in a positive manner & will have the ability to share their gifts/ courses/ groups on Conscious Culture Online Network.

Attendees will have access to elevated talks, workshops, podcasts, classes, and courses.

Most of all, we focus on building a community of like-minded individuals that are here to support one another in their individual and collective journeys. Welcome to Conscious Culture, a home away from home.

Interested in joining our next event?